Cincinnati Beer Week 2012 Barleywine Ale

Since this is the first Beer Week in Cincinnati, I thought I should get in on the fun. This weekend I'll be participating in the Hoperatives 5B: Believers in Better Beer, Bites and Blogging Conference leading up to the final night of the Cincinnati Beer Fest.

Beer Week Barleywine

We stopped into Dilly on Saturday afternoon for some lunch and I decided to try out the beer week collaboration brew. A pretty cool concept beer that was brewed by local brewers: Mt. Carmel, Christian Moerlein, Listermann, Rivertown, Rock Bottom and Red Ear.

I was served a 10oz snifter. The beer poured a very nice ruby-red color with not much head at all. There were so many different aroma's I'm not sure I could pick them all out, berries, citrus fruit, brown sugar and florals all came to mind.

I thought this was much more of an IPA than a barleywine, maybe it was because it is such a young beer. Loved the marriage of bitter hops and sweet fruits. I think this beer could be even better after some aging. Not overly heavy on the alcohol even though is in 9.5%, it is very well hidden and I could easily session this beer, even though it would get me in trouble!

Happy Drinking!

Who: Cathy and my parents
Where: Dilly Deli
Price: $$$$
Score: 5 / 5 

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