Coming to us from Copenhagen, Denmark is Carlsberg Beer.

As I stated in the Stella Artois post, this European Green Bottled Lager is not my favorite type of beer. The first (and last) time before this 6-pack that I had Carlsberg was when I was in San Fransisco my Senior year with Luke (2004). It was St. Patrick's day and the last bar we went into was selling these for around $2 and we really couldn't pass that up as poor college kids visiting a big city.

There is a nice smoothness to the beer which makes it go down pretty easy. My problem is with the smell of these types of beers. I really can't get past the skunky smell and it really hinders my experience with the beer. That is probably why it takes me about 4 years in between buying Carlsberg. The reason I bought it this time was to probably take me back to that trip to SF and remember all of the great times we had that week.

Who: Luke
Where: Some bar in San Fransisco
Price: $$
Score: 3 / 5

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