Budweiser American Ale

Budweiser is trying to get into the "craft brew" market, and have failed. I was excited to give this a try, hoping the American brewing giant would come up with something good. There really is nothing good to say about the beer at all. It was a pathetic attempt at something they are not suited for. You can't just take Bud Light and make it an reddish amber color and then say you did something different.

If this is supposed to get people excited to try craft brewed beers, they are going to be in a world of surprise if they ever try a "real ale".

I guess I shouldn't get so worked up about it, but I have a great passion and respect for craft brewing that I expected so much more from a company that has way more money than most to put into a new beer. This is not what craft brewing or Ale's are about. In my opinion AB is trying to get their foot in the door, but it is way to late, and have failed miserably. I am offended as a craft beer drinker that they are really trying to get into this market with this kind of beer. I would guess that most will reject this kind of beer until they start doing it right.

Go ahead and give this a try, but don't expect anything. This will probably be one of the only beers that will get a 0 from me.

Who: Joey
Price: $
Score: 0 / 5

Happy Drinking!

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Kevin M. Folta said...

It is dec 27 and last night I wanted to find Red Hook ESB. I could not find it next to Red Hook Longhammer. I was concerned that Bud somehow wedged ESB from Red Hook and labeled it as American Lager. From your article I think we're okay.

Bud has no shame. It reminds me when they and Miller came out with lines of fake craft brews (Icehouse, Red Dog, etc) 15 years ago. It amazes me of how they can crap in a dish and call it pudding and dummies will buy it.