Bell's Hell Hath No Fury

Bells Hell Hath No Fury

This beer comes from the Bell's Brewing Company out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was able to try this beer the last time we were home in Cleveland for Cathy's birthday.

I have yet to try a beer from Bell's that I haven't liked. Hell Hath No Fury didn't change that one bit. It says on the label, which Bell's does very well and is one cooler label designs I have seen, that...
A brew that gives you either sympathy for the devil or the courage to face him. Goes especially well with your favorite lost my girl/truck/dog/trailer song.
I didn't have any sympathy for the devil after having this beer, but would want to face him either...Anyways, it was a solid Belgian Dark and I am sad that it is only for a limited release in October and November. Although I feel that Bell's best beers are their limited brews. I think that is the case with most brewers, knowing that they don't have much room for error, they put their best efforts into these beers.

It poured a dark chocolate brown color with heavy brown head. Smells of dark smokey chocolate. A very roasted bitter dark chocolate taste with a slight caramel malt flavoring. Reminded me of a stout which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. Had a medium body, which allows one to have a few in a sitting. Would love to get my hands on another, but regrettably will have to wait until next Fall.

Who: Thad
Where: Visiting Cleveland
Price: FREE
Score: 4 / 5

Happy Drinking!

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lauren said...

I've had Hell Hath No Fury and I love it. Another favorite is the Double Cream Stout.

I believe you can actually get a bunch of the Bell's varieties at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield. I recently attended a tasting of Bell's beers there, so I assume they stock most of the brewery's releases...