Weyerbacher Blanche

This is the second beer from my parents that we tried. I had never heard of the Weyerbacher Brewing Co. from Easton, Pennsylvania and was excited to try this beer.

Cathy and I popped open, Weyerbacher Blanche, while we were cooking dinner and the excitement to try a new beer was short lived, because I (and Cathy for that matter) don't really care for wheat beers. It had all the characteristics of the style of beer that made the city of Hoegaarden, Belgium famous. Very cloudy lemon beer with a very fruity sweet smell including orange, banana and most likely corriander. It had some sweetness as well as spiciness to the flavor (probably the 2 fruits I smelled as well as some clove flavoring).

For all I know, this beer might great, but I just don't care for the style. Glad I was able to give it a try though, because you never know when your palette may change.

Who: Cathy
Where: Home
Price: Free
Score: 2 / 5

Happy Drinking!

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