Samual Adams - Cranberry Lambic

Samual Adams - Cranberry Lambic

In my last review, I talked about how much I enjoy the Sam Adams brews...and now I'm going to talk about how I don't enjoy all of them. This was also included in the winter pack or brewmasters collection...I can't remember.

The problem I have with the Cranberry and Blueberry beers is that it tastes a lot like carbonated and flavored water (Clearly Canadian anyone?). Don't get me wrong, I love cranberries and blueberries, just not in beer. These are the types of beers that you can have about 6-ozs. of and then are completely tired of it.

In terms of cranberry beer, I think that Sam Adams has come up with a decent brew, its just not my kind of beer. I know that some of the girls we are friends with really like these kinds of beers, especially the blueberry (probably because I am always drinking IPA's and other hoppy beers and they just can't stand all that bitterness). And, I will try any beer once or twice to get the feel of it, and I also wouldn't tell someone not to drink a certain beer (everyone has their own tastes). But I can and will recommend certain beers over others and this one shall never be recommended, unless of course you ask me what Cranberry beer you should try.

Who: Cathy
Where: Home
Price: $
Score: 2 / 5

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matt said...

I do not like Lambics whatsoever, I can't imagine a cranberry lambic being very good.

Has Sam Adams always been this goofy and I just never noticed it? or are they starting to get weirder and weirder?

sonnett said...

I think that their niche is having a lot of different beers to choose from.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. is similar with the amount of beers they brew, the difference is it is on a smaller scale and they don't bottle them all (many just served in the brewpub)

matt said...

I just did a write up on their Irish style beer today as part of my 'fake Irish week'

Chipper (Dave) said...

I reviewed this beer back in December I believe and it is one of the few beers that I've really hated. The aftertaste on this cranberry lambic was simply, well, blech. I'm never going to try anything with cranberry in my beer again. Just found your site from a link on matt's site. Like your format.

Jeff said...

And for a counterpoint, I absolutely love the Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic. In fact, it's pretty much the only Sam Adams brew that I ever pick up. Seems that this is a beer that you'll either love or hate and you'd be best off just giving it a try yourself :)