Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale

Beer number 2 from the holiday beer cooler. The Flying Dog k-9 Winter Ale.

My favorite part of the Flying Dog series has to be the artwork on the labels. The illustrations are fantastic and a bit scary at the same time. Who would want to mess with that dog? Not me.

Not the best brew by Flying Dog, but still pretty good in my book. Pours copper/amber color with a nice white head. Lacing was seen down the glass all through the beer. The beer is way more malty than hoppy, though you can detect a slight earthy hop, but it is very subtle. There is a fruitiness to the beer as well but I couldn't quite put my finger on the taste, not a citrus fruit for sure.

A solid winter warmer, not the best but well worth the try.

Happy Drinking!

Who: the Fam
Where: Rita's House
Price: FREE
Score: 3 / 5

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Amateur said...

I haven't seen that around but I have to agree, those labels are bad-ass. They're not incredible beers but they are pretty good, I've only had one so far, and I'm looking to eventually try them all.