Southern Tier Back Burner

Back Burner

Before 2 weeks ago, I had never tried a barleywine. Now, I think I'm hooked. The great thing with the two American Barleywines I have had so far, is that they are the perfect combination of bitter and sweet. Usually those super high ABV beers are overly bitter/hoppy and you can really only have one (think Hopslam).

Southern Tier Back Burner was very similar to the Cincinnati Collaboration beer week ale. I think it had a bit more bite, but that probably had to do with it not being 6 weeks old. I think what made this beer so session-able was it's great balance. From what I perceive, most Barleywine style beers are over the top and aggressive with the hops. The focus on the creamy, sweet malt and hop balance really makes this winter seasonal a must try!

Happy Drinking!

Who: Cathy
Where:Virgil's Cafe
Price: $$
Score: 5 / 5

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