Brooklyn Brewery - Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

The Brooklyn Brewery brews 2 winter seasonal's and we start with their Black Chocolate Stout.

A Russian Imperial Stout, poured a very dark black/brown with a nice head on top. This was a very full bodied beer and the smell and taste of dark chocolate and coffee beans is almost overwhelming. The alcohol is at the forefront, giving you a nice warm feeling on what should be a very cold winter day. There was a super strong bitterness in the beer from the dark chocolate and coffee flavors. I feel like it is almost too much though as that is the thing I most remember.

If you are into dark chocolate and coffee then this beer will be for you. It is a beer that is probably only for cold winter days/nights though. I can't imagine having this on a hot summer night. I know that a lot of folks really enjoy this brew and have it as one of the top winter seasonals. I don't think I would vote it to my top 3 but I was glad I gave it a try, and will probably come back to it again.

Happy Drinking!

Who: Joe
Price: $$$$
Score: 3 / 5

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Amateur said...

Brooklyn brews are usually more on the bitter. I haven't tried the chocolate stout but judging by what you say, it may be too much to buy six.

It's probably tough to make a real chocolate stout without overloading it with flavor that leaves behind a bitter grit of an aftertaste.

I wish there was some sort of stout sampler pack containing samplings from different breweries.