Bad Penny Brown Ale

Brewed by the Big Boss Brewing Company in Raleigh, North Carolina. The thing that drew me to Bad Penny was the label and branding of the beer and brewery. As a designer I am always looking for things that excite and inspire me and this is one of those times. The design is fantastic and one of the better options in the craft beer world. All of Big Boss's brews have this same kind of design and feel. Very cool.

Now on to the beer itself.

Bad Penny is a brown ale and a pretty good one at that. Pours a dark brown, more like a porter than a brown ale, with a creamy off white head. Smells of dark chocolate and coffee. The taste reminds me a bit like a chocolate soda, it has this thin malty flavoring with a hint of nutty/hoppy bitterness at the end.

This really felt more like a porter than a brown ale, but I think that the bitterness at the end categorizes it as the brown ale over a porter/stout. Can't wait to try another brew from Big Boss.

Who: Cathy
Where: Home
Price: $$$
Score: 4 / 5

Happy Drinking!

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