Breckenridge SummerBright Ale

21st Amendment Hop Crisis

American Pale Wheat Summer Ale from the Breckenridge Brewery

Again, I chose this beer because of the packaging. Breckenridge Brewery always has these fantastic retro poster style beer labels.

I picked this one out after a handful of other beers this past Memorial Day weekend. It was a pretty great day of "day" drinking and eating spent with Cathy that ended with meeting our friends downtown at the Taste of Cincinnati.

We were at the Oakley Pub when I poured out this pale hazy lemon with some light white head. Everything about this beer is light, which is kind of what you want in a summer beer. Light spice, light color, light body, light smell. Really not much to point out other than that. There are plenty of better options when it comes to summer beers. I don't care much for wheat styled beers so I need to really be hit with a lot of flavor.

Great Label, Average Beer.

Happy Drinking!

Who: out with Cathy and friends
Where: The Oakley Pub
Price: $$$
Score: 2 / 5

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