Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is one of my holiday and winter staples. It is one of those beers that you will have a good chance of seeing in our refridgerator over the next few months. It helps that Cathy enjoy's it, so it is easier to have around than not.

The beer has a reddish brown hazy color with a nice thick head at the top. Sugary lacing follows all the way down to the bottom of the glass. Smells very hoppy, spicy (Christmas spice) and fruity. Tastes very hoppy with a nice slight caramel malt to balance it out. It is a medium bodied beer which helps the session. It is not so bitter that it is overwhelming but hops are the main culprit in the beer. Very good showing for a winter brew.

It is too bad that this beer is only a seasonal brew, because it is probably one of the best beers brewed in the country. I think it is Sierra's best beer for sure. Please give this one a go.

Happy Drinking!

Who: Cathy / Joe
Where: Home / BORZONE!
Price: $$
Score: 5 / 5

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Amateur said...

I saw some Sam Adams Cream Stout packs at the store, have you tried them?

I'm curious but don't want to buy 6 to find out.