Dos Equis - Amber

Another Mexican beer has made its way back into our refrigerator this week -- Dos Equis coming to us from Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery in Mexico. Mostly because it was on sale for Cinco De Mayo. Cathy and I thought we would give it another go. Previously I really enjoyed this Amber lager, not so much anymore.

I just don't find the taste that good. Even if you shove a lime into the beer it still doesn't help. The beer is a dark amber color and smells of sweet malts. It has a slight malty and carmel taste. I also think that there is another flavor in there, I just can't get my finger on. All in all it is a pretty average beer, which is probably why the 6 pack was only $5.99.

I would much rather have Pacifico or even a Corona over this beer again.

Who: Cathy
Where: Home
Price: $
Score: 2 / 5

Happy Drinking!

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