Aris Greek Lager

Aris Greek Lager

Beer #5 from the parents.

My first taste of a beer from Greece, and it was as expected. It is your typical green bottled Euro Lager. Drinkability is not bad, it is very light with a low ABV so it could replace Stella or Miller Lite or Bud Light. Although I have never seen this beer at a bar or anywhere else, I highly doubt any of my buddies who like this style of beer would choose it over any other.

Light golden color with a very strong skunky smell. Taste is on par with Stella, Heineken et. al. Not my favorite style of beer, but I've had worse.

Who: Cathy
Where: Home
Price: Free
Score: 2 / 5

Happy Drinking!

PS - We are headed to Asheville, NC and Johnson City, TN this weekend so hopefully I will be able to hit up a few brews from Western Carolina. We will be stopping at Bruisin' Ales in Asheville to check out their great selection. They also have a beer blog if you have time to check it out.

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