Allies Win the War!

Allies Win the War!

Currently in craft beer, there is nobody who can compete with the packaging of 21st Amendment Brewery. They absolutely understand how to design beautiful packaging and brew great tasting beer. So, take 2 of my passions and combine them and you get a great combination and currently one of my favorite brewers on the planet.

21st Amendment collaborated for the first time ever with Ninkasi to give us a fine English Strong Ale.
In a surprising turn of events, rival superpowers have joined forces to bring a beer of might to the world. According to top-secret documents, recently unclassified, brewmasters for 21st Amendment in California and Ninkasi in Oregon began their brewing careers together many years ago. The two leaders reunited recently at a secret camp in the Sierras to devise their master plan. “We are more alike than we are different,” said 21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan. “We must unite in our common cause,” added Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd. The resulting collaboration, an ale brewed with California dates, an aggressive arsenal of all-Northwest hops and an unmistakable aroma of victory, deals a unified blow to unoriginal beers everywhere.

With the attitude of "us against the world" and playing off of their "rivalry" they came up with a killer concept for branding this beer. I love the 4 pack box that feels like a newspaper from the WW2 era and even changes the faces off of a famous photograph of the Allies: Churchill, FDR and Stalin to those of the brewers.

Allies Win the War!

This is definitely an original ale and one I'm glad I was able to get my hands on. Do yourself a favor and pick up a 4 pack next time you are out. Pours a very nice red brew with a slight warm creamy head. There was a pretty strong hoppy flavor but is well balanced with the sweetness of the dates.

Allies Win the War!
Happy Drinking!

Who: --
Where: Sonnett House
Price: $$$
Score: 4 / 5

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