21st Amendment Hop Crisis

21st Amendment Hop Crisis

The Imperial IPA is becoming more and more of a staple in the craft beer world. What once was a style that was kind of "out there" it has become very mainstream in recent time.

Honestly, I chose this beer because of the packaging. Being a designer, when I have trouble picking out a new beer to try, I gravitate towards the best designed package. This can has a fun little cartoonish take on the "hop crisis" of a few years ago when the prices soared, almost crippling the beer industry. Described by the brewery as an:
IPA that breaks all the rules with more malt, more hops and more aroma.
They even age this beer in Oak for good measure.

21st amendment and their "can" only beers, I have had a few IPA's recently in cans, and I just can't seem to get over the "taste" difference. It probably is just in my head that it tastes different, but their is something a bit strange about having a IPA from a can. But for hopheads this is a pretty good option if you have to drink out of a can.

Color is golden with some not quite white head. Floral, fruity and citrus hops. It is a pretty full bodied beer and not overwhelming on the bitterness. You can really taste the oak or grains from the aging process. It was pretty good, but nothing that I will be clamoring to have again.

Happy Drinking!

Who: Me
Where: Home
Price: $$$$
Score: 3 / 5

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