North Peak Diabolical IPA

I was able to give this IPA a try while on vacation in the Traverse City, Michigan area this past summer. Surprisingly, Traverse City has a lot of craft beer options and I was able to take in a few of them.

North Peak Diabolical IPA was an average beer at best.

Amber colored beer with a medium cream colored head. Floral, citrus and grainy smell. Very hoppy, heavy grapefruit and grainy taste, I didn't feel that it had a nice balance to it though. It left a very fuzzy feeling and taste in the mouth. I don't remember it being a very pleasant experience with this beer.

Honestly I was more drawn to the logo and branding of the North Peak brews. If I ever get a chance to try Diabolical again I will, but it isn't on my list of favorite IPA's.

Happy Drinking!

Who: the Fam
Where: Traverse City, Michigan
Price: $$$
Score: 3 / 5

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