Stella Artois

Stella Artois Premium Lager.

Coming to us from Belgium, Stella Artois is a very typical North and Western European Lager. It has many similarities to Heineken, Becks, Carlsberg etc. I have this feeling that all Lagers that come in a green bottle have the same sort of skunkiness to its taste.

I'm not saying that I dislike the beer, I just don't perfer this style of beer. A couple of things that I did enjoy: the smoothness of the beer itself, and the crisp clean flavor. Before I knew it I had already downed 2 of them (not bad for a beer that I didn't think that I liked all that much). This style beer is probably best enjoyed in a small beer glass (which I didn't do).

All of this being said, you still probably won't find Stella in my refrigerator anytime soon. 1. Because I currently am working on a 6-pack of Carlsberg (which tastes very similar) and 2. Their are so many more beers out there that I still need to try.

Who: Cathy, Bautista, Angela, Jacob
Where: CB's place
Price: FREE
Score: 3 or 4 /5

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