Flying Dog: Snake Dog IPA

Snake Dog IPA

There is something about the Flying Dog illustrations that make the beer desirable to me. That "Gonzo" attitude doesn't hurt either.

Snake Dog IPA part of the "pack" of year round beers served up by Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery. It's the hop heavy hitter of the bunch, but doesn't pack the wallop that her friend "Raging Bitch" does, but its heavy on citrus and hop flavor non the less.

Pours a light amber color, more on the yellow grapefruit side than orange. Slight very white head with some loose lacing down the side. Sweet Fruity / grapefruit combo aroma. High on the ABV (7.1%) but not noticeable in flavor. There is a fairly good balance between the malt sweetness and the bitter hop flavors. One of the smoother American IPA's out there, when comparing it to GLBC Burning River (one of my all-time favorites), it really goes down quite easy.

I feel that I should be drinking more from Flying Dog, but this past spring I got into a bit of a "fight" with the "Raging Bitch" and didn't realize she was 9-10% ABV and might have had a small (HUGE) headache in the morning.

Happy Drinking!

Who: The Crew
Where: Sonnett House
Price: $$
Score: 4 / 5

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