Green Man Ales ESB

This was the growler we picked up in Asheville, NC. Cathy had tabbed Green Man Brewery as one we needed to try before we even made the trip. We picked this up at Brusin' Ales in downtown Asheville.

Green Man Ales ESB from the growler was very delicious. Pours out a dark amber / red and smells of toasty caramel and earthy hop tones. Was a pleasant medium bodied brew with a slight touch of sweetness and hop bitterness. It was very easy to drink and you could get 3 or 4 down with not problems.

The only issue I had was the $3 bottle deposit! I understand the concept and would be fine with it, except we live in Ohio. I am not able to get back to NC to recover the cost and we recycle everything anyways! That extra cost pushed the price of the growler to $14 (for 4 pints). Either way it was a good beer and hope to be able to try a few more from Green Man in the future.

Who: Emily
Where: Em and Bill's
Price: $$$$
Score: 4 / 5

Happy Drinking!

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