Are we being overwhelmed with Craft Beer?

I've been thinking a lot lately about all of the different breweries starting up in and around Cincinnati as well as the breweries coming into the Ohio market. Is this a good or a bad thing?

It feels that every time we turn around, there is another choice for craft beer consumers. While I can't complain, my Untappd account is growing very steadily, I wonder if there will be a market cap? Will all of these breweries hurt in the long run?

I've read where the breweries/brewers in Cincinnati don't see each other as competition, but I have to disagree. Unless you are just doing this for fun, you have to view the others in your market as competition for market share. In the long run, this is your business and livelyhood, do you want to make money and sustain your business, or do you want the opposite? While it's nice to see our local brewers getting along (collaborating, being friendly on social media, etc.), will they all be able to last? The beer market (craft brewers especially) is seeing a growth explosion that we haven't seen since pre-prohibition and I'm worried that this flood of beers could be hurting in the future.

Only time will tell.

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Josh O. said...

I think it's great. Give me more options than less any day of the week. The market will sort itself out, with the week entries going under. I'd rather have new breweries pushing the established ones constantly so they don't begin to rest on their laurels.