Homebrewing tweak

In my last post, I had decided to try my own recipe for the first time. After the beer was bottled and cracked open for the first time, I named it Monty-Zumas Revenge (named after our dog Monty). Overall, I think the beer turned out pretty well. There were a few problems with it that I have tried to correct over the summer.
  • It was way over carbonated which made for a pretty foamy and airy beer.
  • I didn't care for the hop choice, very bitter at the finish and not floral/citrus enough
  • Light body
So, I tried to correct this for Monty-Zumas Revenge #2. First, I changed the hops to only use Cascade hops. . Second, I made sure to keep the mash temperature higher to add some more body. And lastly, I used less honey in my bottling.

It had a completley different hop flavor this time, but it still isn't quite what I'm looking for. It just doesn't have the bite or flavor. I'll be doing some research in hopes of finding that right combo.

Till next time.

Happy Drinking!

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