The Session #22: Repeal of Prohibition

The 21st installment of The Session is hosted by 21st-Amendment Brewery. The topic chosen is "What does the repeal of Prohibition mean to you? How will you celebrate your right to drink beer?"

Like the rest of the beer blogging world, I wouldn't be able to do what I do today and every week without the 21st Amendment: It means that I can drink, brew, write about and love beer.

I first started drinking beer at the University of Dayton because that is what we did there. We were/are a beer school. Not much liquor on campus, all "Beast" (Milwaukee's Best Light). That is a terrible beer to start on but like all college kids, you drink what is handed to you...Because it's free.

Thankfully, my beer drinking has changed since then, I no longer drink as much cheap beer as I can just to get drunk. Now it is all about the experience from start to finish. The color, the pour, the head, the smell, the taste, the lacing and best of all the company. From coast-to-coast friends and family get together and share life greatest moments with a beer. Without the 21st how different would some of our lives would be?

Beer pong casualtiesCollege? Would have been way different. Maybe I would have gotten better grades?

Sporting Events? Watching football games might be better at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati because of the "Jerk Line". But I couldn't imagine not having a beer and some peanuts at the ball yard every summer.

BBQ's? Nothing goes better with hot summer nights around the BBQ than an ice cold beer.

How will we celebrate?
I have seen a few parties to celebrate like at the 21st Amendment - Repealabration and Magic Hat Brewery - Celebrate the Legality of Beer, but there is nothing special going on in Cincinnati that I know of. We are a bit behind when it comes to things like this, and as Mark Twain said:
"When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times."Our Tree
So maybe in 2028 we will have a 75th anniversary celebration here!

In all seriousness, I will probably crack open a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale as Cathy and I plan to decorate our Christmas Tree tonight.

Happy Drinking and Happy Repeal Day!

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EDIT: 2:30pm -

Grammer's: "Free To Booze!"
Grammer's will be hosting its "Free To Booze" event at 4 pm tomorrow. The event will feature special pricing on Moerlein products. Event-goers can purchase their first beer for five dollars and get their own Moerlein pint glass, which can be refilled throughout the night for three dollars. Grammer's will also be featuring several local dj's in the later evening.

Mecklenburg Gardens: Two Dollar Pints
Mecklenburg Gardens will be offering two-dollar pints throughout happy hour, along with half-priced appetizers. Keep an eye on the old ship above the bar, it used to tell patrons whether it was safe to drink during the Prohibition era!

Thanks to: BuyCincy

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